We the Sims

Well..well and well.

It would explain a lot wouldn’t it? Finding out we were merely a collection of free willing sims within a simulated computer setting.

A lot of fun could be had, attaching this theory to unexplained phenomenon and hunting down potential clues lodged within our current technological realities.

One could think on the process of double exposure. Then, on to imagining  AI characters experiencing unexplained and blurry images within their own physical spaces. In actuality, the images would be digital remnants of previously run programs-whether by a glitch or purposeful creative intent.

Read here for one way to create double exposure effect for video project.
As we delve deeper into 3D environments for gaming and such, it should be easy  layering our  ghostly encounters over the idea of digital characters bumping into their own ‘terrifying’ entities due to whatever double exposure processes are at play according to a bigger picture.


Concerning the subject of predictions coming true and/or information forthcoming from future events, what’s to say that the glimpse or prediction isn’t the result of a program character being “glitched” further along the timeline of an existing program, to ‘bounce back’ into an original position..confused over data gotten from a place yet to be? 


This is a most obvious connection to gamers everywhere- the creation or  regeneration  of a video game character. Anyone who opted to create a sleeker mage after not doing so hot with a clumsier warrior, knows this well. Even the act of questing and leveling up gives a friendly nod to certain ancient philosophies on completing goals across multiple lifetimes for certain reward in the hereafter.

An interesting article on death if we exist within a computer simulation

Mass sightings of supernatural visions. Coincidences. Dreams. So forth and so on.
Maybe there’s even an answer for the setting of  authoritarian establishments. A reason for why our lives are never entirely ours to live as we wish. Countless governments treating countless groups of humans like property. A pretty strange habit considering all the yim yam taught to  us on being endowed by “Our creator with inalienable rights.”  and “being created in His image.”

 There could even possibly be a more forgiving understanding , or easier tolerance, of genocides and wars. Violence seemingly obliged to exist, our entire reality could  have been meticulously crafted in order to absorb the shocks that “real humans” wished to avoid suffering under.  The idea of harming an AI character, via digital transference, would probably be considered  as foolish as crying over the death of a haystack.
At the very least, with news like that, millions of folk (We the actual Sims) wouldn’t continue to suffer certain heartbreaks…like losing faith in a god that seemed to sit by and do nothing in times of tragedy.

One of the greater gnawing riddles of life explained, not by GOD but some cosmic keyboard jockey  pulling some seriously long AFK.

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