It IS Beautiful

It IS a beautiful life.
Why? because we have wriggle room.
There’s no absolute certainty for absolutely everyone.
Yes, there are predetermined abuses and inescapable pains, but that’s on us. The nature of this life, the very know it’s true. We see it in the ivy that practically bores itself to death by its set fate. We’re a whole heap full luckier than that.
Just because we choose to act ugly, that doesn’t mean that’s what life itself is.
It’s a gorgeous existence when you consider how many choices we can actually make. All you need to do is look at one of the ways we practice choice. Let’s say..the miracle known as Forgiveness. The ability for us to forgive one another or simply ourselves.
If that wasn’t around?..THEN this WOULD actually be an actual hell-hole. An unbearable state upon the absence of ONE example of choice.
This life is stuffed with choice and opportunity for it. Like I said…BEAUTIFUL.
Which reminds me…
My favorite non animated film. from my iPhone

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