Go On Ahead

If you’re shy in the bed
Baby,  go on ahead
don’t ruin
the screwin’
pretending instead.
There is all that we need
to get down on this deed
within you
and me too..
..without the expectations and manufactured imagery from an Establishment
that couldn’t pull true love from its greasy and pathetic hump
if its life depended on it.
How DARE they even tell us our daughters are too fat and our sons are too lazy.
While turning profit from our collective insecurities, the way they
make us stutter and hesitate
look around and wait
for a “yea” or a “nay”.
From every damned body.
When we should be tenderly grateful for each other anyway.
How DARE they tell us we’re unhappy with one another
when we know different. Each One.
when we feel different. Each One.
Forced to eye one another
as a creature, not a brother.
Go on ahead.
Keep ’em out of your head.

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