“Little” Guy is Back

How lucky many of us are.

To still have use of our legs to walk to our children’s softball games.

To still have our sight in order to soak up the drawings they submit to the fridge for approval.

To still have our hearing intact as we listen to them discuss hobbies that they start, abandon and then return to again.

Despite him being a wee bit nervous, I was jazzed listening to my youngest “little” guy talk himself back into creating content online. He’ll smooth things out along the way..as we all do. I love having opportunity to watch a youngster resuscitate interest in a task he found a bit too daunting earlier. There’s too many of us out there who consider the laying down of the task  in the first place as a sign of “trouble” or “defeat”. Youngsters are chock full of self drive; it’s up to us to EXPECT them to utilize it.

Eagerly express anticipation over WHEN he does his thing, not nervously question IF he will…that’s all.

He wishes to send his “Thanks a bunch” to all who took the time to check him out. Me too ;0)

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