A Dishonorable “Man” and an “Honor” Killing

“The Price of Honor” is a documentary on the murders of sisters Sarah Said and Amina Said .
They were shot to death by their father Yaser Said. The story grabbed headlines as being one of the more shocking reports of an “honor” killing in America.

You can read about it here: Crimewatch

There’s a brief something that I found worth noting within this documentary. It’s from when  Yaser was arrested for molesting his daughters as little girls.

If you plan on seeing it, I’ve included a few time markers on the recording’s timeline to specific events below.
Reports/documents of the girls’ alleged molestations can be read at and beyond 14:43 on the documentary’s timeline. The daughters were manipulated into retracting their statements as lies.
Luckily, cameras don’t lie. Especially while recording a person’s specific point of view.
Between the 20:13 and 21:12 markers on the documentary’s timeline, we have a direct shot of Yaser’s point of view. The audience looks at footage from the video camcorder he’s recording his children with.
You can even hear the sounds he makes; like his dirty little laugh and  utterances of enthusiastic approval.

His words and tone more along the lines of a horny adolescent boy than the girls’ father.
….with the camera zooming in upon the buttocks of his child.

There’s additional adoration between 21:13 and 21:27, but that can be considered run of the mill father-child admiration…I’m not an expert.

That other stuff? Clear as Today is Now.

I felt it worth pointing out for a couple of reasons.

One reason has to do with keeping facts straight as we hand them around, risking misinformation.* With charges dropped, this molestation issue is technically a “non-issue” to many people and on different levels. It could have easily vanished, unknown forever.

Another reason strolls more along the hypothetical lane. It does have enough of a strut to know it could exist as a truth, small as it is.

This could be for the slight chance of someone having unique info on Yaser’s whereabouts, but choosing to remain quiet over fear of it exploding into a socio-political firestorm.

Maybe, it’s someone who’s been a very good friend or relative.

It could be someone who understands that things got so awful for Yaser that horrible allegations of child sex abuse were leveled at him. There would be loads of sympathy because “Yaser” would have never done something so horrible….the charges were dropped. How can that possibly mean anything but his innocence?

Who knows.

20:13 thru 21:12 offers evidence re: abuse material mentioned in the fourteenth minute and forty-third seconds area.

If there were a friend or relative, loyalty held fast mostly upon him being seen as a “victim”, that would be a clip of cold water to the face, that’s for sure. We  often justify “looking the other way”, especially in these times of “political correctness” thin ice. We pray to avoid ridiculous debates started by ridiculous people when terms like “honor killings” making us tense, waiting for another fight to break out..

It’s another matter altogether in the case of babies who were hurt and humiliated by adults. In particular, the type of twists bold enough to stop short of a wolf whistle when checking out their own daughters bodies.

Never mind the question that would rear up over the safety of  hypothetical daughters  in whatever hypothetical neighborhood of whatever country this real murderer is hiding in.

Yaser was not known to be a practicing religious man ..at all.
I am more ready to believe that the discovery of his daughter’s boyfriend  fueled fires more akin to those of a “jilted and highly disturbed admirer” than a dedicated worshipper of anything. The man is godless.

*This documentary and others are fantastic tools for future generations looking for source material. The ones with the lesser known facts or low popularity will be tomorrow’s gold-I find them that valuable. Precious, actually.

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