Giant Step Backwards..Crybabies

This story is one the most ignorant incidents I’ve read about.
And I am most certainly not referring to the poor soul who got his backside handed back to him for a lousy single expression of opinion.

The Story here

“[If] she was lighter, she’d be fire,” This is what he said.

Thousands of people lost their minds over this. Scores of ignorant minds.

The following are comments I encountered as a younger and dark skinned woman.
“You speak well for a black.”
“You’re pretty even though you’re black”
“No one can hardly tell you’re half black, you look so (insert whatever positive dum dum diddle you wish).”
Now those comments, were far more provocative on some alleged “colorism”  than what was said by that man.

How did I “survive” such “cruelty”?
T’wern’t nothin’ really.
I realized I was a grown adult. I kindly forgave my sister or brother for the unintentional blurb so we could get on with important stuff like enjoying each others company. That is, if they were also kind enough to forgive me for my own idiotic tics every now and again ..for years to come.

If we threw a button on the yap and unzipped our ears once in a while, we would hear that his comment obviously hints at him STARTING with a positive opinion on her looks. His comment indicates that he thought her as a good looker in the first place; the term “fire” merely meaning an elevation of compliment on the chance of “if.”

He didn’t snarl something ridiculously nasty about her dark skin and giant afro possibly scaring young babies into hysterics, did he?
The man, at worst, gave what could slightly be seen as an inadvertent “back handed compliment”.

Once again, I doubt he had nothing but good will and admiration at the core of his original statement.
Even if it was a back hander, who the hell gave anyone the right to humiliate, slander and dogpile on an individual for his thoughts? Isn’t part of being a sophisticated adult  accepting the simple truth that we all hold different opinions, lead different lives?

Am I truly supposed to believe that out of the thousands of crybabies none of them ever turned their nose up at or snickered about a pot belly when presented with a potential dating prospect?
None of their hearts dropped when they noticed a much fatter woman show up on a date than they fantasized about? None ever cringed over how stoop shouldered or short a man appeared?
Come on now.

For a bunch of “enlightened” wanna bes and “educated hipsters”, we are devolving into a base pack of bullies. How dare we have the nerve to declare who can or can not like or dislike anything that warrants opinions? When did we develop such a perverse degree of entitlement over other human beings’ individual tastes?

Bullying Concept
photo credit
I suppose these sheeple are entitled to their personal opinions as well.
However, one can’t ride on both sides of the fence. You’re not going to pick on someone like a pack of torch bearing villagers and also claim  being “kind, tolerant and/or educated.” Not at all. One or the other.
-To slander an anonymous human being for a statement taken completely out of context is not kind.
-The fact that indignant judgement and hysterical rage was his reward for taking a chance at expression clearly rips tolerance out of the picture.
-As far as being educated, you can toss that out as well. To have the jellybeans to punish someone for refusing to praise what others kiss ass upon indicates delusionary self importance, not intelligence. It’s declaring that nature got it wrong by allowing us feelings and the right to either pursue or reject them.

There is only one reason, in the funkiest corner of any imagination, where one can even consider the bullying of someone who didn’t express attraction for another; that would be in a breeding program.
Yes, that is sarcasm.

Deeply and completely intended.
For thousands of folks to have such anger towards this man, you’d think they actually had high stakes riding on his tastes. As if his refusal to find her attractive was a danger to the reproductive future of the land.

Sadly, his is not the only case of vicious public harassment concerning personal tastes from  slack jawed cowards hiding in the shadows. Click on the following link for

Another man punished and humiliated for being honest
At this rate, his won’t be the last case we prove we have more in common with a bunch of selfish, foot stomping brats or angry plantation owners.

I’m going to include one  example of ugly consequences from this type of mob fueled bullying. It stems from people intimidated into concealing who they are and what they like. It touches on the misery they can force upon others while selfishly playacting  to avoid  pain of social judgement; to avoid the pain inflicted as we drag their names and reputations through hell for not “acting or thinking right.”

Enjoy the giant step backwards, crybabies.

* If I wanted to present a harder hitting comparison I would have likened our misbehaviors to a rapist’s mentality. The part where a victim’s wishes and rights are violently determined to be nothing next to an ultimate bully’s own wishes.
Instead, I decided to take another route. For now.

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