Hating on the Ratings

Update since my original posting from hours ago.

I was sent a notice that my Amazon review will not be posted after all.

I was given generic instructions on reading the rules of posting, without my specific “wrongdoing” defined.

 Very interesting. Scanning through the terms, I ran across at least two infractions concerning a review from another customer; the reviewer I mentioned below. His inflammatory remarks about the author whom he belittled (the titled review starting with “Not a scholar, just an aficionado with despicable comments about a real hero.”) , allowed to remain where it has no business being..in a civilized setting.

(Final update, within two hours of above writing= I resubmitted a condensed version of my original post. The book is too good of a read to bypass an opportunity to turn others attentions to it. And anything that affects the average brought about by the rude review I spent a lot of time complaining about, is well worth doing. My revised review=accepted.

Needless to say, I’m glad I shared the original here earlier in the day.)





I usually don’t leave feedback. I find it very unfair that we’re forcing everyone into needing the blessings of drunks, thieves, insane folk, nasty folk, trouble makers, fools…via five star ratings and endless written reviews.

I wrote an extra long review on Amazon today.

I don’t know if it will be published or not. In the meantime, with a link back to the original product , I’ll simply place my response here as well.

If my Amazon review does come out sooner than expected, it will have a lot of typos I hope to fix soon. This differs only slightly from the review I sent.

I  encourage you to read the reviews on that page.

LInk to book=The Madness of Alexander the Great: And the Myth of Military Genius

(Then, my review/statement)

This is one of my favorite historical reads in too long of a time. The author did a very good job at supplying citations and more than enough researchable reference material. It’s dismaying reading review remarks which hint at alleged transference and assumptions.
If you’ve ever seen this fine man, Richard A Gabriel , on screen, no doubt you’ll be pleased to see that his firm and pleasantly engaging manner continues uninterrupted through his written work. You don’t have to be be a degreed egghead to understand. He reminds those of us who forgot finer points of past study  without being intellectually obnoxious or with excessive handholding. It’s a friend who’s coming to tell you a tale, not an uptight bore.
The book is nothing but a pleasure to consume. It’s especially enjoyable with intriguing corrections and clarifications that most of us are not aware of. 
I assume, in centuries to come, folks will have mean spirited comments for historians who uncover the ‘truths’ of current modern idols. One can only imagine the venom spit out by future reviewers towards authors who expose the civil rights idol Martin Luther King Jr’s plagiarism or president John Kennedy’s womanizing.
I will also assume mighty establishments, such as Amazon, will have a more responsible handle on what they allow to infect legitimate professional’s reputations and ratings.
Low brow and emotionally violent pot shots, such as the review by….., should be scrutinized and eliminated. I abhor censorship. However, it is being practiced on a daily basis with innocent citizens who are being banned from their social sites for perceived “insults’ and/or harassed by a loud and irrational majority of citizens. The technology being available, as it obviously is, makes the existence of such insults anywhere all the more shameful-and blatant testimony to the deception known as”fair and equal treatment”.
An individual boasting two PHDs, such as aforementioned reviewer, is assumed to be an individual of certain sophistication. If one expends such energy in academia, the natural assumption is that he’s acquired the graces of polite temperance and mature behavior. It’s a horror to see an alleged “learned man” spewing the vile and opinionated slander within that review. On the structure of grammar alone, at various points, we are dealing with an exuberant example of the rumored modern decline of educational standards or, simply, a liar.
Whatever the case may be, may the day come soon that low brow reviews (personal, adolescent attacks) no longer infect and affect the hard work of those who help keep us more Man than Monster through the sharing of knowledge.

photo credit vege@adobestock.com

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