Intelligence over Insult

False flags are lies and tricks governments execute upon the public to justify wars.
These events are worth noting for those who aren’t aware.


May these events also serve to soften the tongues of those who verbally brutalize all conspiracy theorists as “crazy” or “paranoid.”

How bold to admit such former secrets to the children of those murdered in the name of false patriotism and phony threats.
It’s downright insulting; the shrugging of shoulders as they hand over news (and vile proof) of what they truly thought/think of us.

They, relying upon the slack jawed ignorance they’ve finessed into our psyche, with their smug confidence to destroy us for insubordination.

However, it’s not nearly as insulting as our abuses towards one another , threatening each other into silence -emboldening present and future crimes. As if we, somehow, preferred living as blind and filth encrusted hogs destined for slaughter
instead of as Divine human beings.

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