Three Cheers for No Beating around Bushes.


Scared nerd hiding behind a desk
If I had dozens of hands…the applause would be thunderous over this article.

Having lived long enough to watch , and suffer through, the bashing/feminization of our males, I must say that this was a breath of fresh air; an adult man telling it exactly how it is, about a concern within a community that few folks know much about.

Men are being emasculated by a bullying political atmosphere and being poisoned by ‘soakings’ of estrogen. Devastating effects of estrogen on masculinity.
As if all assaults upon the (once upon a time) male standards weren’t bad enough, young ASD males have been left to fend for themselves in a game they are already severely handicapped in as a matter of biological default.

Woman Dominates Man

As a woman who is spirit weary of spending years (decades)  watching the image and essence of the once honored Strong Male be disrespected..I have nothing but praise for the Male who laid out the words like he did.

He expresses  truths which are in dire need of expressing..if we’re to have any chance of stemming this deviously systematic mauling of the once sacred male-female union. Never mind rescue another generation of confused young males who deserve a hell of a lot better than being left to twist in the wind; with the only guidance on  being a  Man while being groomed for war and killing.

Now, I have renewed hope that another unaddressed and infuriating topic gets some time in the light.

It’s a topic I’ve been scratching my spacious noggin over since I was a young girl. Why in the world are lesbians in the feminist movement being allowed to dictate and harass the multitudes regarding the relationships between men and women? It’s beyond ridiculous.
OF COURSE, they cringe at men “coming on” to them. They don’t desire men, they want women. They don’t crave the protection and strength of men. Because of their own biological default, they’ve been outfitted by nature to run, behave and “do the do” like any of their male peers similarly affected by healthy storehouses of testosterone.
OF COURSE, they grumble and hate on the “restrictive and belittling” aspects of women’s fashion and make-up. They don’t appreciate the accoutrements and rituals of piquing the male’s “dangerous” sex drive. There’s no need nor desire to BE the “object”; they wish to ACQUIRE the “object” for themselves.
Aside from equal pay, (which is also a ridiculous argument considering how timid many women are in directly ASKING for what their brothers demand), there is very little a female with primarily male energies has in common with a ‘typical’ heterosexual female as far as romance, instinctual behaviors and home making are concerned. Certainly not enough to hatefully fight about, never mind  harass the ever living lights out of  the male over.
They don’t mind if a male is too afraid to defend himself. They aren’t repulsed if they find themselves embraced by wimpy and anxious, as opposed to strong and confident, arms.
Males who hide from minor confrontation, gossip maliciously like old hen wives, shave their entire body baby smooth, are too afraid to even pick a restaurant, pout over minor let downs or fail to be adept at what most men have been for centuries…militant lesbian feminists don’t mind these travesties at all. Mr . Emotion V20.2a Sorrow black

It’s not going to ruin their love lives, family lives or basic self esteem in general.They are oblivious to how women are being left unprotected  in a world best survived with the combined abilities each gender is uniquely blessed with.

So onward they continue abusing and humiliating males, not caring one bit about the multiplying devastations for the heterosexual sisters they claim to be “fighting” for. They continue destroying the very male figures they mock us for being “dependent” on, when our hearts ache over the scarcity of them.
Indeed. I’d LOVE to see an article on that topic.

photo credits=envfx, Nina Malyna and Sangoiri

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