Mob Vomit

As a viewer, it piqued my interest to watch a reality/interview show without a string of murders to further desensitize our psyches.

As a heart swelled in true sorrow over this particular young lady’s story.

Hers, along with others on the show “The Internet Ruined My Life”, shines a spotlight on a horror that can be just as brutal as murder-

And the violently emotional abuse we are generously torturing human beings with.

The society where individuals are insisting upon political correctness to the point of legislative insanity. Where groups of every color and gender furiously scream “to be treated right”, even at the cost of our mangled rights.

The very same Us who lather at the mouths like wild boars, hiding behind our screens and telling innocent people they should be raped or public forums…on subjects they know nothing of and/or are much too rag nasty ignorant to even pretend to act civilized about.

Let there be no doubt about it; amongst all of our demands for “fairness” and sick self righteousness, we don’t deserve a god damned thing as long as these animalistic displays of mob vomit keep spewing and increasing.


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