So, Why Not?

(The following contains sexual subject matter. Go read a comic, Timmy Tim.)

There used to be a time I would have been horrified, if not simply put off, by the idea of lifesize dolls meant for intimate doings. But society barely resembles what it had been once upon a time. Plus, I simply grew up.
Nearly everything, expected or imagined, in the arena of love and intimacy has changed.

Besides, there have been synthetic whatsits and hoozits modeled after us and ours for decades. Lucky for the guys, it’s been mostly something society has ‘allowed’ without making a big to-do about it.
Intimacy problems have ballooned to unhealthy heights in light of increased harder core porn availability online. Folks are hooking up online with more strangers than the average citizen (aside from gigolos and call girls)could or would have IRL years ago.

Goodness only knows that it can’t be that easy for many women (just like the men) to compete or endure in this atmosphere.
It must be fiercely difficult for some to keep the attentions of their beaus; the weekly porn intake leaving men uninterested/disappointed in the all too natural bodies. On the flip side, let’s say they do have successful sex lives. So much so that the ladies become regarded as objects. They cease being treated like human souls worth making happy, having long talks with or given gifts like being told what makes them “special”…without them needing to ask. Unfortunately, becoming something like, let’s say , nothing more than “Bootycall Attendants”…

I’m simply saying..
there are probably many frustrated ladies out there over any number of troubles .  Appreciation of this ‘toy’ would definitely be along the lines of being a Romantic Miracle for a lot.
I gotta say.. the price tag can be an eye widener. But it’s an investment. Just wait a few years. The automobile was an exclusive luxury once upon a time as well.


Here for online store w/ synthetic dolls


Add up the costs of divorce (due to sexual dysfunction, up to and including secret affairs), therapy, date nights or any number of relevant things and I’m certain that many could justify the cost vs.cost.
So, why not?

photo credit dietwalther

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