For Other Daddies.

-To the fathers in prison or jail.
-To the fathers who aren’t allowed to see their children today because of unresolved issues with the-
bitter ex wife,
love of your life,
still somewhat friendly ex or….
cruel and heartless Lady Troll mother(s) of your child(ren).
-To the fathers who haven’t spoken to their children since the explosive departure of a substance addicted son or daughter.
-To the fathers whose children were taken away to goodness knows where, by goodness knows who, not to be seen nor heard from.. in too long of a time.
-To the fathers, who would be holding a newborn in their arms if it weren’t for the fact that heaven occasionally calls young angels back home.

To each and every Man, who can not be with his ‘baby’ for any one of a thousand reasons on this Father’s Day….

From those of us who didn’t quite have anyone to visit on this, or any other, Father’s Day as well…
From those who weren’t touched by the type of love that you’re still willing to give,  nor sheltered by the protection you wouldn’t hesitate providing..
Bless each and every one of the days you’ve never given up hope and kept putting one foot in front of the other on this Earth.
For those of us, even if we’ve never met you, simply knowing that men exist who let nothing discourage them from being “Daddy”, “Dad”, “Pops” or “Papa”…blesses us with much needed light (Faith) in these days of our brothers seeming to be and acting in the darkest ways imaginable.

Newborn baby and his father's hand

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