I refuse to accept the notion that We (of the ASD section) are any more “broken” or “malfunctioning” than any one of any groups walking on earth today; the overly proud, chronic liars, despicable cheats and the insufferably and voluntarily ignorant. Change of lifers, alcoholics, greedy pigs, prudes, unscrupulous politicians, philandering husbands, spoiled wives, professional victims, shockingly low intellects, overbearing know-it-alls..to name a few.

We’re living in a world where the well read and introverted child is pulled into a glaring spotlight and corrected. In the meantime, his belching and foul mouthed cousin is left untouched and often admired by simple crowds constantly Jonesing for cheap and raucous fixes.


Much is said about our “lack of socialization”. Over and over, in one article or another, we’re constantly being reminded “what is right” and “what is acceptable” on how humans are “supposed” to treat one another.

Depression - One Person Stands Alone
What an insult, being lectured on empathy by those who insist on officially classifying our behaviors as being diseased.
The “short” list of what’s “wrong” with us
When, as in the following case, they couldn’t be concerned in the slightest with their own occasional blatant lack of regard.
The Bold Bullies of the EPA

We’re forever reminded that we’re susceptible , too naïve or “not mature” enough to handle “typical” everyday situations. Like what exactly?
Like not ranting or busting face when someone owes us money? Like not investing hours of precious time trying to untie and decipher the knots of lies that “normal” people toss our way for selfish gain and/or decrepit kicks? Our refusal to accept blanketed branding based on the way we choose to deal with often wrong actions of “normal society”?
Where IS this so called “normal” human specimen anyway? Where is this Enlightened gem? The one who’ll teach us how to listen, speak or what subjects to bring up..even in the privacy of our own homes. Maybe we’ll be taught the popular art of lying well enough to spare future victims from our notorious tactlessness. Who knows. Bring out the Shiny Role Models and we’ll see what shakes.

Until there are sufficient answers regarding the origin of and reasons for the highlighting and herding of our “conditions”, the tagging of human beings….

Woman Talking To Counsellor Who Takes Notes
Until we can fix our “broken and diseased” focus on the Perfect People that imperfect masters are suggesting we should be…

Let’s not take for granted a future where each common person is catalogued and eventually managed as a diseased and dysfunctional unit. With Science picking up where the Church left off, using manipulated and vague data (instead of God’s disapproval) to herd man into believing himself too damaged and uneducated to run his own life…unless they need to, of course, utilize a potential Einstein from the farm for “the greater good”.

Businessman with lightning and business icons




photo credits iQoncept , freshidea, creativeimages and Monkey Business




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