Internet R.A.T. Infestation

The following link will provide you with information on folks who watch people’s private moments uninvited. They watch them via remote control and   unsuspecting target web cameras.

RAT Spying

It can’t be too much of a shock, discovering we’ve now bred the type of citizens who find nothing wrong with what they’re doing-secretly spying on  people eating , walking around nude or having private sexual encounters.

cat, rat and laptop on a white background isolated

Amongst the worst, there is mugging of innocent children’s online gaming accounts.

I will toss out a couple of reminders before we spout our angry exclamations over our shameless moronic siblings.

Remember, it’s “Mommy and Daddy” who delivered the gut punch of enhanced TSA screenings. Where sex molesters have a good shot at solid kicks if they are hired; with the groping of our private parts being demanded from on high. No doubt, countless sex abuse survivors have probably endured  old wounds of sex abuse being ripped wide open each week they boarded a flight. Their sense of “no one being allowed to tell them what to do with their bodies” shot to hell after long and hard years of therapy.

Early Concerns

Remember, it’s “Mommy and Daddy” and their buddies laying down laws dictating what we can and can not, should or should not do for personal sexual pleasure.



What the RATTERS are doing is beyond despicable. However, based on merely those two examples alone, there can not be any doubt as to which pack of RATS has farther reaching authority and has inflicted the most damage by brazenly declaring that even our very private parts belong to them to do with whatever they want.

None of these “whackers”( RAT operators) is going to come to your house, throw you into jail or manhandle you if you slap a band-aid over the lens to stop him from ‘touching’ you.

I think most of us can recall what happens when we beg Daddy to not touch us ‘there’.

A Reminder

Or god forbid, if Mommy thinks we looked at her funny.

Another Reminder

If we’re going to complain or try to do something about keeping dirty paws off of our lives, there’s plenty of dirtier and larger paws better suited for the energies.

photo credits

Happy monkey
Maslov Dmitry 


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