Loving “Rez Infinite”

This amazing…incredible delight…of a VR game.
I can not stress how impossible it is to show the experience, as you will see in my two cents video down below, where I captured footage of running into a boss.
There’s are plenty more stages/levels to enjoy. However, simply seeing that fantastic character  for the first time was a thrill.

It’s like standing in a surreal and exotic art exhibit with a mythical demi god close enough to touch if you just reach a little more…

You just have to try it.

PS4 launch video for Rez and gameplay trailer video.

My two cents

Mom..Dad…you’ll be giving much more than a game. You’ll be handing over keys to an outta sight kingdom.
Kids..be patient and mind what you wish for.  If you make too much of a fuss, Mom and Dad may want to try it out for themselves.
If it’s this game in particular, it may be another long wait before they give up the goggles.

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