One Lousy Movie Summary

What an arrogant and unprofessional thing, this Amazon”summary” for the silent film “Africa F.O.B”( also titled “One African Night”). Be it an employee or customer submitted, rude is rude.




Once upon a time, it was drilled into our heads that good reporting of facts was free from personal opinion. “Just the facts, Jack” and all that. It was stressed that inclusion of personal opinion was a shameful demonstration of self over service.
To one investing money to secure and maintain customers through sale of his videos , a punk move like that could hardly be anything less than sabotage.
It’s like having a loud mouthed picketer standing in front of one’s shop; customers choosing to hurry by without stopping, the decision made for them thanks to the screeching  outside.

If these occasional pot shot plots are to be tolerated, then what about hundreds of other films the rest of us find objectionable?
Graphic vomiting, young teen characters performing oral sex in scenes, close up shots of feces, pill popping mothers and drunk fathers acting more like overgrown children than authority figures…
In the words of our high and mighty author up there…wouldn’t these be considered the very worst examples of true unfortunate displays?


There’s no need for the finger wagging over bygone practices. It would be like bitterly condemning ancient Japanese performers or Globe Theater actors dressing men up to play female parts. Social habits were what they were. No race, people ever got through their times in history without social habits. We have them, we grow and then we discard them like old shells. And one of the social habits was for us to make fun of one another in the open. We grew up. A little.

Besides, any of those actions were nothing compared to the shameless verbal violence being flung willy nilly these days.

Most importantly, there were no insulting or typical “blackface” antics that many would be misled into thinking was present. Unless you consider the native king acting very much like an exaggeratedly anxious Skipper from Gilligan’s Island offensive, there are no true insults.


It’s foolish to discount entire works due to singular issues. Even those who don’t find anything wrong with that petty P.C. foot stomp of a summary  should be able to admit as much.

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This film deserved the respect of a simple summary. That’s what the purpose of the section is, for most of the films on Amazon Video’s site-whether they’re garbage or gold. The insults or complaints are usually reserved for the customer review section.

May the day come soon that we don’t have to contend with trash being tossed so  carelessly on top of what treasures remain from our film history.

I’m including a link, if you want to watch it.

It’s about one of the most unlucky sweet cheeked (yet primly mustachioed) young men you’ll ever meet. He starts a finely dressed day scheming on how to make money. He ends up the entire time dodging and/or melding into one perfectly timed city streets mishap after another. Right up until he gets as far as he gets, you may even find a couple of smiles sitting on your lips for the guy and his circus type bad luck.

If you keep in mind this was done in the infancy of the film making industry’s lifetime, you may be very impressed with a few things after all. The practice they had to perfect in order to do live stunts, often involving running vehicles. The way that many things are carried to the audience without the benefit of sound. Various firsts that had no teachers nor experience to consult.

Unfortunately, the featured  soundtrack is not the original one intended for the movie.

I’ll tell you one thing, you’ll never find a multiple donut twirling umbrella stunt performed like you’ll see it performed in this film.

That’s for sure.




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