Born on this Date-Juice and Bleach

Well, I’ll be damned.
What were the chances of these two celebrity jokers having been born on the same date as the other?
With both strongly suspected in the killing of an ex (one= divorce pending), and both having been cut more amounts of slack than any of us poor slobs would have even dared dream of. They’ve been certainly cut more slack than what should be acceptable considering how well loved all three of the victims (Ron Goldman, Nicole Brown Simpson and Kurt Cobain) were..and considering how many hearts were left broken without the right answers.

3d cartoon cute holiday green monster

The July 9th born couple being

1964 Courtney Love and 1947 O. J. Simpson




If you’re not familiar with the injustice regarding Kurt’s killing, the following film should fill you in very well.

art credits= julien tromeur
                    Albert Ziganshin 

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