Spit Back. For Them.



First, read this.

Next, George Orwell’s words spoken by an actor in the video

Before we continue with that eternal boot stomping of our soft and sad faces, there’s a few things that absolutely need saying.


Our heads should be hung in deep shame over the graves which hold the bones of soldiers who died screaming ,believing their sacrifice was for their children’s freedom-We the modern people.

Yet, how easily we ended up handing over that which wasn’t threatened or bullied out of us anyway.

Now, a truer horror is unfolding-the handing over of our children.
The Handing Over of our Children’s lives along with the insult of our children being deemed mentally deficient.
It’s bad enough that we’re too weak to muster much more than a “Yes sir” or “no ma’am” as we sheepishly stare at our feet in disbelief or surrender.
But the true insult, the thing which should churn each of our guts to boiling, is the caliber of creatures we’ve decided are entitled to bear the overseers whip.
Creatures who have exhibited blatant signs of the very things that we are being accused of being “ill” with.

Things like….
Delusions and/or deception….
And that much proclaimed lack of empathy for our fellow man which results in brutal and criminal behavior

We’ve even felt the need to address the issues of grooming and hygiene into the hysterical talk of ASD “symptoms”.
How DARE we shame our children for such “deficiencies” when in front of us stands a world leader whose own hair resembles a steam pressed owls nest on the best of days-never mind the disdainful and apathetic words that pop out of his hole when addressing other human beings.

How god damned dare we be this ridiculously inept when it comes to laying back and allowing our children…the children we are insisting “we’d do anything” for….to be herded up and treated like owned and mindless units by equally deficient (if not more so) rude and apathetic human beings?
Yes, we got plenty of boot action coming. But my god, please let there be enough of us left to spit in the face that looms above those boots every once in a while. This kind of sick and stinking hypocrisy doesn’t deserve as easy of a go as we’re allowing.
For the children in the future who will fight the battles which should have been settled..for the children who will feel betrayed by either our cowardice or ignorance …do it for them.

Photo by mat-hayward






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