Chivalry: Ideal but not Real



For my brothers who feel more inadequate by the decade and the sisters who unintentionally encourage this. Both feeling robbed of some thing that could have brought a bit more of “this” and offered up the reward of an ever elusive “that”.

May the dawn break one day where both are blessed with the kinder realities of Truth. Of each other. Happier with one another, unsullied  by those who manipulate the joy out of their lives.
Chivalry is dead, dear darlings, because Chivalry never existed. It never drew breath anywhere outside of well intentioned imaginations, as sweet and ideal as “it” seems.
It is a carrot on a stick many have sought to attain while others waited to be deemed worthy enough for another to acquire it for their sake.

It’s a beautiful concept. It’s housed in the glorious chambers of our hearts alongside other ideals yearned for, such as Never ending love and Eternal salvation. However, yearning is not existing.

It’s not bad news, most certainly not. We’ve created for ourselves lifetimes of beautiful moments and have achieved splendid things on the power of our imaginations turned into deeds. Thank goodness for it as well.

It’s impossible expectations that are the cruelty. It’s the way we accuse each other of not fulfilling what “men used to do” that is one of too many impossible standards.

It’s long passed time that we gave one another a break regarding this fantasy; leaving those who have manipulated foul discontent into our lives with no one to molest except each other.

You’ll see. There are several points of study within the following Wiki article at your disposal. Use them. Learn a little. Then maybe…just maybe..a burden may be lifted from you to give what never was or to cease wasting precious years waiting for what will never be.

photo by Cavan Society

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