Sadists or Cowards..Why even Bother?


Yahoo still doesn’t “know” who  hacked billions

Pffffffff…..and?? Why even announce this worthless piece of news then?

I know there’s alarm over how “mentally unstable” we’re becoming, but we’re not all completely cooked yet.

At this stage of the game, I’m sure many of us have noticed that we are not being listened to about anything, anyway.

At this juncture, we’ve been hacked, harassed and harangued to death at every turn we make. Up to and including the stripping away of our freedom of speech from the heavy hitters like Yahoo’s siblings- social media outlets and the sort.


Any story can be told, no matter how outrageous or suspicious, and there exists no entity nor outlet for us “the little people’ for recourse on anything. Why bother telling us anything? Truly.
The only reason they could possibly let us “know” for, in my humble,  would be for an eventual and far reaching problem  where a ready excuse would be kinda nice to have. So the kiddies don’t get too nervous or angry.

In a land where we still have these cowardly “agree or not agree” decision box pop ups asking for a “yes or no” every time we want to install or use a program…
( yes =you get to use what you bought…no=you can’t use what you bought),
… whatever the  purpose  this alarming announcement served is beyond me. Like the “decisions” they love letting us pretend we make, what’s the point?

You can’t possibly state it’s so we can load up on additional security. Jesus, in twenty years, especially when we’re talking BILLIONS of people, don’t you think we’ve been spending money and doing all we can to prevent the likes of….oh oh, WHAT ENDED UP HAPPENING ANYWAY?
Try again, cowards.
Either a truth needs saying that only true men can admit to-that  whatever is  being done will be done with or without our say. Period.

Or we can continue listening to the non answers of a system which lacks as much courage to rule outright, without pussyfooting games, about as much as we lack the fortitude to call any of them on it.

My solution? They keep their angst producing and worthless news to themselves and leave us alone to try to be the good little slaves they desire, hm? Unless TPTB enjoy watching us quiver and squawk in fear within the holding pen.

Then we’re talking about a bunch of sadists and not simply cowards.

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