That’s Some Nerve They Got..Being Sick n All

My blood simmered a  bit after reading a certain  article and the links within it.

I decided to put down some of the symptoms that the High and the Mighty  have listed (and harped upon) concerning autism.

You know, the “illness” they don’t know the origins of  nor have a cure for.

-impaired ability to make friends with peers
-impaired ability to initiate or sustain a conversation with others
-absence or impairment of imaginative and social play
-repetitive or unusual use of language
-abnormally intense or focused interest preoccupation with certain objects or subjects
-inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals

What really sent the simmer into a boil is what is not on that page.
It’s the unaddressed symptoms  displayed by  those who have the audacity to , now, go on about how very mentally ill so many of us “are becoming”..with neither the sounds of challenge nor (sadly) sounds of our own defense coming forth.

That’s a lot of damned nerve I say.

When they seem to be afflicted by clear cut cases of unstable thinking,
with symptoms like..
-inability to tell most people the truth about most things.
-impaired ability to abide by laws that the rest of society is forced to.
-blatant disregard of courtesy when addressing other adult human beings in public.
-repetitive catch phrases and exaggerated headlines shared amongst their ministers of media as if suffering from a lack of imagination or education.
-abnormal obsession with private things that are none of their business eg; how human adults choose to have sex, who we have sex with and what we think about during.
-suffering from the delusion of being gods entitled to own all of the sunlight, air and the water on earth.
-remaining unaffected and unconcerned with a human citizen’s right to privacy, while protecting “top secret” privileges for themselves-up to and including punishment if boundaries are breached.
-contradictory rule such as punishing those who attempt suicide, however
punishing those who wish to save their own life by not registering for or reporting for their drafts.
-declaring us as mentally ill/delusional when their high officers of law participate in a religious ceremony most likely based on an imaginary “spirit” from unproven fables; no more substantial or provable than an average manic hallucination.


..and so much more.

featured photo By kobzev3179


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