Start with Them


Let’s stop harassing all men and their so called abusive ways, for a minute, hm?

Let’s zero in on the very worst scum becuase they do the most amount of damage.

Then we can truly start doing some good.

The abuser who, ironically, has even better self control than his fat fisted “Beat-everyone’s-ass” brother.

The one who doesn’t just attack everyone…just women and girls. And children of both sexes.

The scum who have had no problem smacking girls around and insulting grown women but always hiding and allergic to picking fights with other grown men.

The timid creeps who bow their heads and whimper their punk ass way out of all confrontations with any man able to break their own precious  faces.

The ones making other   human beings so damned sorry that they’re alive  because of the pain raining down on them behind closed doors.

Those worthless  pricks.

Why not start with them?

photo by pavel_shishkin


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