A Warning Worth Giving No Matter What “they” Say.


Because you may be scolded for being “prejudiced” or “heartless”.

Because you may be made to feel like scum, even if you use the kindest language possible and gently decline certain company.

Because, after giving the chances you were bullied into giving, the people who did so won’t even be there when you are screaming and desperately looking for help to save whatever shreds of a life you have left.

Because the chances are very high that all the excuses you made, blind eyes you turned and all of the forgiveness you were begged to give will not matter for anything in the end.

As you watch that “sweet” and “gentle” person, that you were convinced you had finally found, drop the act which he or she meticulously and mechanically worked into your life and around your limited understanding..
to ignore all of your wishes, hurts and needs.
to smugly pour their putrid sarcasms on top of your exhausted wounds.
to whine, groan or threaten you into such a world of isolation…there is no one left to help you.
to knowingly make your life a true and living hell for merely having a roof over their head or a warm body to poke.

That is why.

That is why I, as an ASD woman, am doing the FAVOR of presenting signs to look for when one may run across the very worst examples of my siblings.

signs and associated troubles

because it isn’t just the men breaking spirits. Female signs.

Because I am sick and I am tired to death of reading how only “NT spouses are negatively affected” by the apathetic pathology of way too many ASD mates.

When the plain truth is that a human being’s heart is a human being’s heart.

When there is no excuse on earth for ANYone to risk ending up being treated like an animal, sneered at and/or broken with the stony, unconcerned smirk of (often severely mentally unwell) monsters who think themselves “oh so intellectually superior”..if one can help it at all.

ASD, NT…it doesn’t matter. It damned well shouldn’t matter.

What matters?…preventing an unaware young man or woman from being shamed into making the most regrettable mistake of their life-if it doesn’t end their life otherwise. I specifically mention young risks because they are usually targeted heavily by and can not recognize those who think and conduct themselves in very immature ways.
It’s not that I disregard the plight of older seekers of love.

It’s simply a crying shame to have a new and hopeful heart be introduced to love as something ugly, painful and empty-an upside down existence where it’s an impossible duty to give all merely to avoid additional abuses from self absorbed animals who demand and expect all.
Watching the light go out in the eyes of the young when a long road lies ahead of them..
Guilt tripping young lovers into “finding love” in individuals void of it..
A sick and unforgiving psychic crime if there ever was one.

photo By mizina

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