What’s Being Left Out


Aspergers, ADHD  and  more have been lumped together into one mysterious ailment, Autism.

There would be hell to pay if that had been done elsewhere, if TPTB had the gall to do this to other humans with conditions. For example if they were to combine PMS, blindness and schizophrenia into one “neat” category.

As fortune would have it, they happened to do this with those who are known to be the most shy and non-confrontational. What a convenient thing indeed.

I also know that amongst the alarm ringing, the hand wringing and questions being pussyfooted around or blatantly just not answered, a lot is being left out. A relevant and important lot.
I will speak only from my own experiences and assume others can relate.

What major thing is being left out is the human schoolchild’s seemingly instinctual tendencies to mock and bully the odd looking, the shy..those “weirdos” who don’t find pleasure in their thoughtless games and dull conversations.

What’s being left out is that a lot of us were exposed to twelve years of constant bullying, being whispered and giggled about. Dear god..the way many of us turned out simply looking since birth was plenty excuse for children to continue their cruelty. At times, with adults looking on or punishing both parties for the sake of “equality”.

Spitballs thrown onto one’s cheek. A fat lump of wet paper carrying whatever nasty bacteria some smart ass human mouth had the nerve to propel across the aisle onto your face…I have more memories of that humiliation than I care to recall. Being as I am, memories don’t wash easily away. Especially when they are part of how I turned out as an adult woman. The mistrust I foster. The residual anger that was never quite soothed away as many “experts” will claim can be done; like telling a burn victim the scars will fade enough to win swimsuit pageants by the buckets…One day, if you really, really believe.

What is left out is that many of us were also getting abused at home for how we were. I did at the least. A drunk “mother” who thought nothing of bringing her hairbrush or back of her hand very hard upon what part of my body was closest-usually my head. A “mother” who often sneered and barked out how much of a “retard” or “fool” I was being. A “mother” who even had the nerve to sexually humiliate me. A “mother” who used to dare me to call the police many times if I thought she was abusive (though I never accused her out loud)..because her shy punching bag would never, ever have the nerve to say anything to anyone.

My blood has run chilly over the years slowly watching the developments in awareness.

Boiling hot, more recently.

No one knew what Asperger’s was five to ten years ago and it’s now a household word like “serial killer” and “terrorist” are. However, as mentioned above, the most obvious and legitimate triggers that truly would affect a human being’s actions and opinions of what they can expect from this often horrific society….nothing but hours of cricket legs within the uncomfortable silence.

The only thing that seems to have gotten through is the alarm.
Alarm from parents on what their children “are sick with” when it is plain as day that at least one parent is him or herself an autistic as well. The only difference being that they were allowed to grow up in a world where they were encouraged to believe they were “okay”
because “everyone is different, so sweetheart, you ARE okay.”

Another difference being that an out of control child who punched another child, or some other unholy behavior, for no reason was often given a sound spanking…ONE time…and the behavior ceased. Anyone with a grain of sense will admit that centuries of capital punishment from parents raising their many children and their different “quirks” did NOT result in most becoming severe abusers. Now, it is damned near considered a crime. The flooding of “uncontrollable” behaviors adding mightily to the “panic” of parents seeking help to deal with their allegedly, supposedly “mentally ill” children.

But now we know a darker truth. It wasn’t okay-us being different. If it ever was, it was a “sweet and kind” manufactured deception carried by the media, tv shows, songs and newspapers. Everywhere.

Those very same TPTB ass kissers who are funneling and shoveling the word around that we are now, not Okay, but that we are now actually “proven” and legally categorized as “mentally ill”.

And here I thought TPTB were actually addressing and caring about that specific type of bullying and cruelty that generations of “normal” folk have enjoyed doling out.

I mean, there were dozens of “no bullying” PSAs scattered all about.

There’s even a very real and hysterical vein running throughout that has us jumping scared to say any word associated with someone’s skin color or sex, is there not?

I  didn’t expect, after all of the flapping yaps on “treating folks right” that Mommy and Daddy would end up calling us, the VICTIMS, “mentally retarded” (still without answers to the alleged origin and/or “cure”) on paper and as bold and loud as they want to. Then again, it’s old hat to me.

Mommy and god damned Daddy pushing legislation for millions of dollars in programs meant to “help us save our own money”..or to “help us integrate into society”. Better yet, according to what I consider more of the truth, to “find a cure”….”to eradicate this problem.”

Yeah, right. Never mind that millions of us have been doing just fine. Even amongst the drunken and sadistic and moronic millions of “normal” folk who are left to do their idiotic doings without being tagged as malfunctioning cogs in this horrific, hypocritical machine.

Broken, rude and low intellectually able people pointing the finger and their angst against those of us who couldn’t do as much damage as the “normal” folk..if we dedicated our entire lives to do so.
Those are just a few things that are being left out.

Purposefully undiscussed.

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