Think Again, My ASD Brother and Sister & for god’s Sake.. LISTEN.

If you are an adult diagnosed with any of the diseases thrown into that gumbo called “ASD”…

….and you think you have lived your life well, worked and contributed like every good citizen is expected to.

….and you truly are confident that  you will be free and clear of whatever is coming down the road for the “more severe cases” of our allegedly “autistic” siblings?

You had better damned well  think again.

Brother….Sister….all I ask you to do is look at these two highlighted sections I secured







from this hunk of high and fast talking  proposals/actions that  they are going to improve  the human race upon.

(Of which they think they are apart from, obviously)

From our  “divine” authorities and the plans that god will surely reward them well for doing:
2016-2017 INTERAGENCY AUTISM COORDINATING COMMITTEE strategic plan for autism spectrum disorder

Those small markers, folks…speak volumes on their boldness and intentions to insert their noses and god damned will into and upon
EACH….AND…EVERY…one of our lives, whether we like it or not.


Whether our lives are in chaos or not. Whether we held our heads up high KNOWING we beat many odds to be pretty “damned Okay” after all. Criminals or not.


Read the entire publication, if you will. You may…just may be woken up to one dull horror or another about the truer nature of TPTB concerns
-how it really isn’t about helping us
-how it’s reading more like us being scrutinized and organized into more easily controlled and better behaved animals or specimens.

And here you thought you were a free man, hm?

Thought you were an equal man, did you?

You never  thought that, at the very least, some prick who put his pants on just like you would  have the power to “own” you and tell you and your children what to do..or to consider you like a “thing’ to manage.

Or (what a stunner this turned out to be) face the nightmare of a bunch of self important (pfffff) who  act NO better than you and calling you some kind of “malfunctioning” thinker.

Didn’t have any idea that there was a mortal higher power on this earth WITH you, who held himself ABOVE you enough to tell you how your life will be handled and regarded…did you?
Now you do.

Oh…just in case these gracious pages and plans are not available for our browsing in the future (the link above), why not make a few copies as well, hm? I’m not the quickest light on the marquee, but I do know that Mommy and Daddy do have a tendency to lose interest in sharing information with their “dull witted” kids every so often.

featured photo by Ioannis Pantzi

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