Two Cherished Anniversaries.

Happy 13th Anniversary W.O.W.

As I celebrate my own 11th year on W.O.W, I must say it feels like sharing family snapshots-the following celebrity videos.

It’s also the year I finally found my sobriety after seventeen long years of addiction. A sobriety which lasts to this day.

A sobriety which I was blessed with without a single person or program’s assistance and remains to this day, although unacknowledged nor appreciated by the same.

But my W.O.W. was there and is there still-giving me fantastic places to roam and a “million” things to occupy my hours, even without a true friend’s hand to squeeze my own along the way. My W.O.W. will still be there…until the day one finally finds me.

If I could, for the reasons above, I’d give W.O.W. a mighty big kiss
1-to give a hearty pat on the back for hanging on in there, like me.
2-for creating a world and characters for me to belong to-so I didn’t need to miss the whole lotta nothing that this world and its characters couldn’t even bother to give.

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