Well Shucks, Man…No Wonder

Well, shucks man, no wonder.
I get it….
… why they are treating us as if we are thirty footsteps short of a twenty step staircase.

With their stupid “Cook your food at 375 degrees” billboards thrown up around this country. Remember those? As if every damned box of food from noodles to damned gummi bears has not ONLY had one temp to cook food to…375. For decades.

But you gotta love how they looked out for us with those other billboards. The ones about not forgetting our child on top of the car. My word, the ripping and running down the highway  we obviously had to be doing, with our babies screaming blue murder, eh?-with all that advertising money being reported as being so wisely spent.

With their comic book zombie storylines in our national disaster emergency instructions.
You know, disasters that affect how many of us die-they got jokes.

That would explain why so many representatives barely look as if they comb their damned hair or know what an iron is. Why they feel confident calling each other names in public, like school yard punks rather than grown assed folk.

Why they didn’t mind looking rude as hell when we looked  aghast over them admitting that they didn’t read  a life changing healthcare bill. A duty that we could have sworn they were being paid to do-from the bucks we’re forced to hand over,  from the crap jobs we bust our humps at.

Why they got the nerve to call us ridiculous or “up to no good” when we  scratch our heads and simply ask how jet liners can squeeze through impact openings which have no room to accommodate wings…wherever them wings may be.

Looking at us like we’re the dumbest of  asses.
When they have BEEN, and are,  treating us like stupid asses all along.

The imagination can have a field day pondering..
..whether they got weary waiting  for us to accept that we’re “legitimately” malfunctioning and  ended up treating us like a bunch of morons before they could present us with  the “reason why”.

But it’s shrugs all around, anyway, right?

No huge surprise, though , if such sloppiness is in play.

With them being nothing but a varied mix of idiots like us anyway.

Even they have to admit, if the elite boots they lick  were that intellectually superior, they would have had us locked up, shut down and “walking right” thirty, forty years ago.

Not making up stupid “puppet shows” and hiding like a bunch of scared cowards in the shadows. Not smirking and acting as if  their loud and primitive behaviors  give ” the people what they want.”

They’re not giving us any more than their movie industry pets are giving us. The ones who package up constant vomit scenes into our films as if they were pleasant requirements…instead of the vile and foul pig slop practices they are.

AND SHAAAAME on once respected directors who have joined in on THAT trend. How dare you rely on actions so horrifically unappealing in an effort to “relate” to us or, worse, “hold our attentions”? Without even the lame excuse of originality to use because it is now done on a comically regular beat across most productions.
If one can’t make a piece realistic or moving without stooping that low…one should feel as small about their lack of talent as anyone ever could.

Just as some of us feel , in helplessness, when we look over at the horror on our innocent toddlers faces, seeing the disgusting ugliness(real) Mommy and (real)Daddy tried to shield them from seeing at such tender ages.   

The only good news to this whole mess?
That they’re just as  delusional and as mentally deficient as we “little folk” are being washed into.
Proving on a daily basis that they have neither the sense nor sophistication to hide it better, they promise to be quite amusing to cast a bored eyeball at once in a while.

Especially those “honorable” suits, sweating in heavy make-up, woofing on one media outlet or another, trying to play like there’s sides for each of us to run to.

When way too many of us know better and can see the “two” sides share the same rotting roots. Heck, they resemble one another like two illegitimate bastards born to the same whore.

L oh L.

What a jolly hoot they’ll be to watch, just as we are to more than a few of them, I am sure.

Especially when some of their heads begin to bobble from old age afflictions, staring  wide eyed in horror realizing that their children were also slated for “the pen.”

Realizing their own children are caught by the mechanisms that they helped establish or had ignored. Realizing they are much too old to do a damned thing about it.

At least when OUR children look back and see the weapons or punishments jammed into our faces to comply “or else”, they will have sympathy. They will respect that the reality of surviving is more important than proving mere points.
When THEIR children look back and see the roles their eager and arrogant ancestors played in creating the hell inflicted upon mankind, and see the low down bullies they were? I can practically feel the hate and disgust from here…

Smirks all around…
Heck yea, It’ll be grabbing popcorn time for sure.

featured photo By bsilvia

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