“There, but for the Grace..”

“There, but for the grace of God, go I”

It’s a  common phrase..but rarely appreciated if understood at all.

These following films illustrate the “There” that most of us don’t experience. The seemingly strange and the misfortunate.

“…but for the grace of God..” hints at the notion that certain circumstances can reach a level so profound that relief can only come from extraordinary assistance.

“…there go I.” This part suggesting that the speaker is humble enough to realize he or she could have found themselves in the same situation. Usually the speaker recognizes the dodging of such bullets because of personal choices that were or could be made.

I picked these films because theirs are stories that involved very little, if any at all, choice.

We carry certain confidences that our “doing the right things” help us be “wise” enough to not land in such troubles. We cast our eyes and assumptions on those seemingly “undesirable folk” & secretly congratulate ourselves  for jobs well done and move on.

These stories should remind us of how utterly egotistical and unsophisticated those attitudes can sometimes be. As if a childhood of life altering abuses or being nearly killed by a pack of man animals could ever be thought of as things one “could do anything” about.

Not all of us came into this world with what most take for granted-basic and sheltering love invested in the basics of our individual survival.

Considering that  the act of being born involves zero choice , it’s about time more of us embraced and personalized that old saying on a greater degree than we do.

photo  By Laurin Rinder

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