Return of the Magic:Christiane Cegavske

Of course, in order to return to anything (not just magic) one must first visit it.

If you haven’t seen this classic jewel, Christiane Cegavske’s “Blood Tea and Red String“, then  take a look at the trailer and hopefully you’ll make a date to watch very soon.

If you’d feel more encouraged to give it a view

from reading a good national  review or two

from the time it was released for me and you

…then encourage you I shall be more than happy to do.

New York Times by Nathan Lee  2006

TV Guide by Maitland McDonagh

As far as this Return I mentioned earlier, our mistress Cegavske is in the process of gifting us with what’s sure to be just as magically delicious as the other one. It’s title is “Seed in the Sand“.

As “Blood…String” took thirteen years to complete, I don’t care if “Seed in the Sand” takes twenty years..I will wait as long as this stop motion goodie will take.

It’s a very rare artist who can satiate my eclectic tastes on as many levels as Christiane Cegavske had. Until my feet turn to powder..I’ll wait so long.

More of Christiane Cegavske art-dark and sugarfree


Luckily, Cegavske has provided supporting fans updates on the various bits of crafting this film. It looks to be coming along very nicely.


“Seed in the Sand”

An article with videos and stills from the current production.





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