They’ll Either Pity or Hate Us


History students of the future will  shake their heads over us in pity.
Or they will think upon us with deepest contempt and shame.

A few reasons..

How we addressed the “epidemic” of human beings being born without empathy, in part, by surrendering their lives into the hands of TPTB who offer no explanation of WHY nor promise of “assistance” aside from easing us into everlasting ownership.

Why Parents with Disabilities Are Losing Custody of their Kids

Click to access autism-guidance.pdf

How we were too busy stroking our self important egos,  being as rude and disrespectful to one another as possible, instead of safeguarding our progeny’s right to live as freer human beings than they will end up being.

How we turned a blind eye to the “coincidence” of our biological misfortunes being right in line with blatant technological manipulation.

One example follows although there are plenty of  others that can be studied at a later date.

With the increase in numbers of human beings being born without the ability to be concerned for nor respect  other human beings’  welfare, there remains very little hope to believe man will continue to choose the traditional human mate for companionship.



We’re having scant discussions on what kind of a nightmare this will turn out to be. It won’t be for those who bear no concern for others at present, of course. Many appreciate the assigned structure and don’t harbor much more than annoyance with the rest of society outside of their own spaces.

For the remaining ones, as now, they  will suffer immensely trying to provide love with such an increasingly mechanical and inhumane development. With the loss/absence of mutual affection/respect infecting tens of thousands of relationships, how can we expect anything other than utter collapse?

Throw on top of it increasing numbers of brains prevented from maturing past adolescence  with impaired intellectual functioning and/or reasoning.

The most hopeful imagining of the continuance of independent families is impossible.

Things unfolding as they are, we could even be hated.
Especially if secrets are revealed that tell tales of us ignoring  ugly potential truths of what’s been done to us, right under our high-and-mighty noses and slack jawed smirks.

Secrets like the ones we’re allowed to know of, generations later, when the original victims are long gone and buried.

No doubt, we’ll be known for our big mouths and holy to-dos  over alleged issues concerning racism, sexism and every other “ism” under the sun-real or imagined.

To be known to  have let the THE most important “ism” slide from between our “righteous” fingers-Humanism-into the hands of other conniving human beings  no better than the least of us, that very well could cause a few bitter swallows one or two hundred years from now.





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