Our Middle Aged Foolishness

It is dismaying. The technology that is allowing us, the middle aged, to “hang in there” with the younger generation.

As we dig deep into our pockets for our sex enhancers and skin tighteners, we’re blatantly ignoring that the young are different from us in much more than the physical ways.

We’re ignoring the fact that this is their time to discover what the world is about.

As far as sex and love is concerned we’re selfishly  interjecting our selves into their world as if we still belong there. We are deluding ourselves into believing that we are forevermore entitled to harvest the fruit of their season.

Make no mistake about it, we are not.

I was a young girl once who had a preference for older lovers. I’m not saying that all May December matches are harmful.

I am saying that TRICKING and DECEIVING younger folk (especially those the same age as our children) into relationships where they will suffer unnecessary disappointments is something that should have us hang our heads in shame.

For the men who are dying their hair (despite their bodies and faces betraying their actual ages) and harassing their GPs for their ED pills…..
Young women are looking to start their lives. Many (despite the women’s rights revolution propaganda many of you grew up with) are still eager and long to have children and form families.

Many of you are on second or third divorces. You’ve developed intolerances and have grown weary of the very things these women have not even begun to experience.

You’re treating the pool of younger women like walking candy stores, there for your pleasure and boosters to your broken and well worn egos.

Too many of you, after playing this “cool Joe” farce, are letting these women know that if they want anything more serious, they are going to have to look elsewhere because you’ve had enough from your well lived and baggage filled lives.

You’re scolding and smirking over their “clingy” ways and “faulty” romantic notions as they are quietly going a bit more insane than nature intended because their path is and never was intended to be filled with such negativity and rejection so soon.

Nature intended for them to grow with other young men. Yes, they will more than likely discover all of the bad stuff you have along the way, but it’s not your job or right to shove them over a cliff which they’ll end up tumbling down the side of eventually.

For the women who are also dying their hair, working out to tone up limbs for a youthful appearance (for the young studs rarely hear the groans of arthritic misery or see the real faces buried under the inches of “youthful” make-up in the mornings when you get up)…

Young men are also yearning to start their lives. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is of “wrong” notions of love, nature intended for these men to discover this for themselves.

They haven’t experienced life to the degree of which you have.

With decades of various disappointments, no doubt a massive amount of you are approaching these new relationships with pre set and jaded opinions of what men have “done to you”.

These young men have barely set foot within the maze of male female relationships and there you are-a bag full of “dos” and “don’ts” at the ready to install within their minds and also (like your entitled and blatant middle aged brothers) end up belittling and scolding your young lovers for being “too immature.”

How dare any of us do these things?

You’re cheating them when you deceive your way into their beds in such ways. You carry with you not a promise of undergoing a shared journey. You carry with you an automatic fast forwarded bitterness and cynicism that they can’t help but be affected by.
They were meant to make their own mistakes, discover joys you’ve been long numb to and share that growing experience with similarly aged peers.

There is a reason our sexual performance dims after decades of well worn use. There is a reason our eggs die off.
It is because our…time…is…up.

I can’t think of a more wickedly selfish and self delusional practice than to force ourselves upon and into the lives of the young when we should be guiding and setting good examples.

I’m not talking about two dissimilarly  aged lovers who find each other; Cupid having had tagged them both with a single arrow. Not at all.

I speak solely to those who go above and beyond the call of deception to pretend they are younger than what they are. The ones who casually insist their “youth” is something that they giggle or shrug off as “something” that “just happened”…when in the background they’re sweating the minutes before their next doctor’s appointment or eyeing the adverts with keen jealousy and cursing nature and society for having the gall to think them “old.”

It’s because we are old, dears.

Youth is not being a mindless jackhammering stud in the bed
and bobbing your head to the rap songs you damned well know you don’t relate to in the slightest. It’s more than tucking in a roll of fat into your daughter’s skinny jeans and playing stupid and shy when the compliments come over how “young” you look.

How alone and miserable you will end up after all is said and done. All of that misery dispensed upon the young, simply to feed your worthless ego..for nothing.

I speak as a formerly young woman who grew into an old one after years of predatory and misleading carelessness of much older “lovers”.

I also speak as a mother of the 30 something generation. Watching my peers act as foolish as they do, pretending to be what they should have realized they no longer are, my heart breaks upon seeing how we act. As if we’re entitled to suck the life force from their lives as well as the single lives we’ve been blessed to have lived in the first place.

I have faith that the future generations will return to the mature sensibilities of earlier ages.
As the Depression and world war produced a ‘greater generation’ of responsible and admirable young adults, our ridiculousness  will no doubt bring about a similar grace.

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