So Smart and yet So Stupid


Funny isn’t it? How our socially aware groups bark so loud and rattle their sabers so high.
Yet, between their indignant and arrogant calls to action and the shaking of their heads at the “wicked” man’s can usually find an almost darling, yet embarrassing, glut of dumb.

“Carelessness” and “thoughtless insensitivities”

The very things they tend to beat us over the head for.

The traits that they indignantly harass us into eliminating for the sake of this “better world” they keep stomping their feet about.

They’re just as affected.

It takes merely one example to illustrate my point. It will be done while referencing this “” campaign.
If you’re not familiar with this latest fund raiser
Here you go

If you want a group project that is associated with Jane Walker
Here it is

This “Monumental Women” project is intended to honor suffragists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Ahh…but what do we have here?

An intriguing bit of history on the connection between female suffragists and the prohibition of…..alcohol?
Oh dear.

They can insult the rest of our “ignorant” society all that they want.
They can continue to brainwash our children into minding what comes out of their mouths-to the point of utter ridiculousness.

However, the truly smart and sophisticated would make certain to exercise the same amount of sensitive consideration demanded of others.

Linking arms with a sleek legged lady mascot on a bottle of whiskey to raise funds to honor women who battled against alcohol doesn’t exactly seem the most well thought out of plans. If Elizabeth were to rise from the grave, I’ve no doubt that “dire insult” would also be in the mix of other choice words.

When you combine it with statistics of violence directed towards women by those soaked in booze-statistics that  the  high and mighty (ironically enough) are often focused upon…

Such as these 

….well, then it drifts into seeming quite and simply carelessly stupid.

original photo By master1305

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