Truly Strong Women

I’m sharing a video reenactment of a Helen Keller/Anne Sullivan presentation with so much passion and spirit that it brought tears to my eyes.

I was introducing my child to the story of these women this week.

These proud, determined and take no excuses women..

We should be so lucky to find just one single celebrity female of such caliber these days.

Instead, we seem to be mired in self pity and doubt over what we can or can not do. Wasting precious time over pathetic pursuits. Not the least of them being our vanity.

We look to fools to run our lives for us and place our trust in the paws of bullies whose main concerns are money and their own dirty comforts. Although I have to admit they do manage to dedicate a substantial amount of time on us; distracting us, insulting us and barely letting a day go by without reminding us what is wrong with us. Fools no better than any one of us with the only exception being that their feet are set higher up on the ladder.

Tears also happen when one is missing someone or something very dear in their life.

It’s not so much we, as adults, whom I believe are missing anyone or anything. It’s our children who’ve been left to fend for themselves. It’s our children who are bearing the brunt of the multiple stigmas of “disabilities” they’re being reminded that they “have” constantly.

Instead of finding steady and strong hands to guide them, too many are in the care of spineless  fathers and angst ridden mothers. Mothers and fathers who think nothing of surrendering their children’s esteem to an unaccountable system. As if things weren’t shameful enough, mothers and fathers who still believe themselves to be too “young” to be of any good. Or to think for themselves, stand up for themselves.

I can’t express how grateful I am that great numbers of us care enough to carry the historical records of  the truest ‘heroes’ with us into the future.

May  they forever serve as vital  inspiration as this great Nothingness spreads amongst us… the destruction of standards, the killing off of self reliance, murdering of pride….runs its ugly course to whatever end there may be.

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