It’s about *#@$ing time

It’s about *#@$ing time a study was done on this.

read about study linking swearing to honesty

It’s always nice to see ongoing studies in human behavior.

Especially those that help tear at the fibers of typical assumptions that we toss so carelessly at one another.
This one explores the long held beliefs of those who cuss a lot.
It cuts us a little bit of a break explaining that not all of us crawled out from under a rock carrying that potty mouth of ours.
Besides, we need that hand free for the unspoken gestures folks also love to crab about.
It even goes as far as to posit that a good number of us aren’t as %#@*ing dumb as you
thought we were.

I’d like  to, however, add something.
While it’s refreshing to catch another sweet breath
of tolerance taught, please understand the following.
Serial killers and girlfriends who smack your face in front of God and everybody in Walmart..they’re being impressively honest too. Ok?

Learning to stop wrinkling up our noses every time others are caught doing and saying something we do behind closed one thing.

Taking this information to excuse an increase in what truly can be an offensive thing, like a snide little quite another.

photo By ukimurakung

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