Creative Ways to Propose

The bad news is that some of us attract mates about as romantic as a raging case of pink eye.
The good news (the only news that counts) is that not all of us turned into bitter beans because of it. Yet.
We don’t mind encouraging the young to keep hope alive about finding “that” special one who will say those special things and bring home the real sweet stuff, unasked for, into their eager ears and arms.

Maybe the road will turn out to be unpaved and rocky, dreams of gliding onto smooth asphalt busted to bits. That’s okay. It’s a really long road.

It will be the memories of the walking on air and cheeks aching from laughter .. that will keep Winter’s bite mercifully soft for them during the end of their lifetime’s season. The joyful residue from when promises once sounded a lot like truth and each kiss felt like a treat-that’s what they will turn over and again, from memory, like a favorite treasure.

Woe onto the old biddies and cranks who snatch that potential from the young because of their own rotten luck. They’ve obviously forgotten that whole thing about destination verses the journey itself. Or were just prickly little cusses that didn’t deserve the blessing of a good man or woman in the first place.

In the meantime, may there always be individuals (although weary and a bit worn around the ears) who continue to leave a little oil in the lamp for the young lovers. The ones who may need a little advice on how to keep the fires burning ..for as long as they’re lucky enough to be warmed by them.

This following article is that sort of advice  on

Creative ways to propose marriage.


As for the rest of us, we’ll keep hope alive as well ..for nothing truly is ever over until it finally is.

photo by Simon Sharayha

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