Matthew 7:3 & Some Naughty Jeans

Here we go again, our wild hairs afire in the Crybaby Brigade..

over some jeans


There are more frequent and excessive depictions of vomiting in our films.

With the sexual groaning/moaning flowing from our tv sets it’s a wonder any of us can keep the volume up at all in our homes; not knowing when the sounds of another shameless celebrity, sharing what he or she learned about humping and grinding, cuts through the air for all the kiddies to hear.

We have family members loaning the gruesome details of their loved ones rapes and murders for what passes for entertainment to millions of viewers-with untold numbers of perverts on top of it all.

What about “sophisticated” politicians (up to and including our “honorable” presidents) airing grievances and name calling like petty schoolyard brats in public forums?

Not one day goes by on this earth where graphic depictions of splattered human head shots aren’t being encouraged, bragged about and cheered for on countless video game consoles.

But this pair of jeans is what grabs our attentions and warrants this much negative energy as to be a top trending topic?

THIS is what moves us to spend the currency of our “mature” opinions so enthusiastically, is it?

It’s not as if the majority of us even have the body to rock these obviously meant-for-the-
bedroom-or-dance-club creations.

What a shame it is, the way we whine and snigger over a lousy pair of x rated
jeans …like  horrified or giggly children, instead of mature adults able to ignore, walk on and expend precious energy upon  more important issues…THAT’s what should be trending.
Not the hypocritical hee hawing from women who ” would if they could”
and men who would drop to their knees in stunned gratefulness if Wifey came sashaying into the bedroom with them on.

For those who think I’m out of bounds and “don’t get it”, a little blast from the past out of the “good book” may serve as a kinder reminder…
Matthew 7:3

Finally, cheers to Fashion Nova, may you make a wagonload of money.

For as any “grown adult” should realize, despite the hopped up huff n puffery of disapproval, the ironic result will most definitely be an increased exposure resulting in more sales than would have been if everyone would have simply kept their indignant traps politely shut.




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