No Can Do, Little Buddy…

No can do little buddy…

As we stand there wringing our hands, mouths open and helpless over this event..
Being told to stuff ourselves in Yahoo/Oath issue

Though one could easily see the dark shadow of things to come in this event from years ago..
When the EA tentacle of the all powerful hydra told us to get stuffed

..if you think we’ll ever have any hope of getting treated fairly or in a non cowardly way.
..if you think we still have any hope of “things being done right by us” from some half assed
head nodders with their half assed measures.
Where at least there’s “proof” our “servants” “were gonna do something”

..if you ever scratched your head over tapping that “I agree” button to terms of service we all have been FORCED into picking . Wondering if we’re truly believed to be that stupid as to not notice how much of a NON choice that lab rat action truly is.

..if you ever grit your teeth, pretty damned hard, over one private company after another censoring what we say, shutting us down and shutting us up, as if precious blood wasn’t sacrificed in the name of protecting our Constitutional “rights”. (Not that our being herded off to wars has ever been about something that ideal)

..if you’re looking for a solution of some sort to navigate through this ” Lording over The People via Big Business” nonsense..

“No can do, little are screwed”

is about the only thing I can even imagine anyone with the slightest amount of real power saying to us.

Well, that is, if they had any guts at all.

photo By masterzphotofo

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