A Question for them High Falootin’ Aspies in Charge

Since we’re all pretending that
generations of Moms haven’t had their hearts broken over Dad’s insensitivity over “forgetting her birthday or anniversary…AGAIN”..

or that the raw behaviors of our children haven’t gone to Hell in a hand basket
since the  rights to discipline our own children have been torn out of our hands….

Then, I’d like to take a very sarcastic couple of minutes and ask a question.

A question directed to the elitist social engineers who  lack the backbone to look us square in the eye but have loads of nerve for introducing and implementing legislation concerning ASDs in the ways that they are.

When in history and where have we EVER (as a collective of human beings) been” mentally fit” enough for “experts”  to rationally believe it could ever actually happen for the future? Where’s the proof it’s even possible?

There has to be an example SOMEwhere in the past to enable a bunch of snobbish Aspies (them high falootin’ Aspies, mind you..not us “arm flapping- can’t look no one in the eye- socially misfit”  lower case Aspies)
to have the nerve to even think the Human Being was EVER intended or expected to be anything other than the miraculous and flawed “thing” that he has always been.


When we were cheering for human beings to get ripped apart?

When we were hauling donkeys and chickens to court to “answer” for their crimes?

Or are we talking of more recent times with the worshipping and excusing of child raping priests?

If my children are going to face a life of bondage and mass humiliation, branded as MALFUNCTIONING CREATURES  FROM THE MINUTE THEY INHERIT THEIR GENES……
..then maybe I could be mildly comforted over something proven to be a REALISTIC goal.
Maybe I wouldn’t be so peeved over these judgements passed down from equally human bullies.

Bullies who’ve spawned from the exact same cesspool the rest of us came from.
Who were conceived on lumpy mattresses by drunken lovers like the rest of us.
Who were judged and picked on as children like the rest of us.
Sad rejected humans who refined their grudges into angry enough fuel to propel them into seats of authority..where FINALLY.. no one can pick on them for being as brainy and as odd as they always were. And always will be.

No matter how many big words they use.

No matter how slick they think themselves by helping  pull  “fast ones” over our confused and blinking eyes. Punkish things like using private companies and “no choice” TOSs to bypass the protections our fathers were so certain that they had fought for.
Or, maybe, the protections we were lied to about having in the first place.

Not that things like that even matter anymore anyway.

The question and accompanying  aggravation concerns  how much respect we show men who are no better than the least of us -as they lead us down impossible paths , spewing “words of wisdom” that are barely more than slave making fiction at best.

In the meantime, they who have declared what “should be right” or “what is not normal” should be considered just  as delusional as any one of us..for having the nerve to declare humans “aren’t what we should be”

when we’ve never” been”.

photo By everettovrk

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