A Little Less Forgotten

I love how the internet leaves some of us a little less forgotten.
One of the first things I respected about online life
was how once regrettably forgettable stories could finally
and rightfully achieve immortality.
The right stories. From the interesting people. Even when they’re gone.
The artists who will forever get their dues
in everlasting drops. Without the  final slams of any doors.

Like the one I found this morning……

(more of his work can be found at https://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/best/21385/don_johnson)

The Rabbit and the Fox
The Rabbit and the Fox
The Rabbit and the Fox are here
go down south, to Australia
They have a bounty on the Fox
Bring in his skin they’ll pay ya

Myxameatosis germ warfare (first ever)
Just for the Bagman’s bunny (our ww1 war crazed soldiers lived on rabbit in solitude)
Old Rabbit got mattry eyed
It really wasn’t funny

Great depression in the 20s
We lived on lovely rabbit
skins made the Slouch hat
Our soldiers wear, our habit (fur felt made the hat)

The master took the Rabbit (Squatters said plague)
No more free feeds for us
So we started eating of his sheep
Become a bit nonplussed

They brought another virus out
To kill off outlaw rabbit
But bunny still gets about
The Fox your hens will have it

Don Johnson
Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

featured photo By Ian “I” Photography

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