The Customer is Always….Nothing..Now

I anxiously await the return of our beloved “Game of Thrones.”
I know, it’s supposed to return in 2019.


However, understanding how our ‘new’ Master (Big Business) has been known to do things, it doesn’t put one’s mind at ease.

A couple of examples on how we’re treated….


and There


The following  links are from hard to find articles on our being strong armed  from the video gaming room of Master’s  house.

Where what’s worse than one big bully is a bunch of his bully pals backing him up.
Note that even the act of COMPLAINING has now been deemed an unwise thing to do.

My brow shot up when I first heard it would take two years for “Game of Thrones” to come back.

Of course I was chided for voicing “silly” concern of it “maybe not returning”.

I get it.

For me to expect GOT to disappear would be like expecting to see the Statue of Liberty vanish overnight (although I must admit, with the way things have been going for this country’s citizens, the poor darling should probably give that arm a rest and check into what kind of retirement savings are available to her.)

If one didn’t get the picture on how much our Handlers do NOT give two hoots over what we want or “refuse to accept” from the above links, then I’ll gently turn your attention to a couple of moments in entertainment history .

To a time when Big Business was barely past adolescence but not quite the full grown and snide bastard it’s proud to be now.

The sad tale of another well beloved and epic series -“The Borgias”- kicked off of the cliff.
No matter how “incredible” it seemed that they’d choose to do this to such an eagerly awaited and important final season.

Millions of fans welcomed to kiss  Master’s ass with a flippant toss of reading material into our incensed and sorrowful pen of disappointments.
The final insult

Finally,  I will reach  further back to when, I assume, Big Business was entering demi-god puberty. When one of America’s most beloved TV families “The Jefferson’s” suffered its own sudden demise.

Without so much as a “sorry”..or even a warning to the ten year veterans of that show.

So yes. I do have a good amount of anxiety mixed in with the anticipation.

Understanding what you TRULY need to know about who holds our leashes would as well.


Especially when you realize nothing can top their indifference to our threats and “demands”..except for their sneery confidence of there being enough of us to remain “silent and good little pets” ; mindlessly content as long as the lights still blink and the whistles still toot every time we press our buttons.

“The customer’s always right”?

No, darlings…not anymore.

To conserve our energies for things we can actually affect, we need to come to grips in knowing that we are as Nothing as Nothing can be.

For now anyway.

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