Lost Momentoes

Having lost most of my possessions years ago, I will probably not watch this  movie quite yet.

All of my baby/child/teen photos, most of my eldest child’s baby photos (nearly all), furniture that traveled with me since I was a baby (having had been a military brat), my adoptive father’s urn…gone. Not having a single family member nor friend in contact, the chances of my retrieval of related mementoes or even the sharing of memories through conversation= zero.
I don’t mind admitting still feeling occasional and deep pangs of loss ; my sole anchors to a past I can share with no one and have missed out on sharing with potential future friends.
But all is fine..Truly.

I will watch the movie one day.
I believe that any film that can remind us and help us with the honoring/keeping  of emotional ties even when we think ‘all is lost” is worth being mentioned as much is possible.

photo By elenarostunova


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