Unacceptable Risk

Sensible women and solid thinking men believe vaccinations are a neccessary thing to avoid harm to the “public at large”.
There are also sensible women and solid thinking men concerned that our vaccinations have caused and continue to cause damage to the brains of millions of human beings.


My concern is that while they could, and SHOULD, be helping one another without the volleyed insults and media parrots pouring fuel on the fires … much precious time is being lost.

There’s a “checkmate” sort of statement that ends many anti-vax debates. It involves a person saying that he or she would “take the risk” rather than subject our children to “even more serious and REAL” dangers like Rubella, Measles and Mumps by not vaccinating.
If vaccinations were to be found out and proven to have caused the brain damage of millions of people over the course of decades..many of us need to understand how woeful that “risk” statement truly is..

It’s saying we’d rather risk our children losing the abilities to hold jobs , create families or seek happiness on their own terms.

It’s saying we would rather risk our children losing the very last defenses they have at their natural disposal-logical reasoning and common sense- against the trials and predators of this world.

We’d rather risk higher incidences of physical abuse done to them and higher incidences of abuses they do to others- which involve high degrees of apathy and impaired mental functioning.

It is suggesting that diseases such as Measles, Mumps, and Rubella…
Cases and Deaths, and MMR Vaccination Rates
..are more devastating than the  consequences of mental illness and crime could be.

After the polite disclaimer of “not all mentally people commit violence”, of course,

this link has a report on studies highlighting percentages and the role severe mental illness plays as far as crime/violence is concerned.

To my ears, when I hear someone admit risks may be possible with vaccinations but still insist the risks are worth it..is like someone saying burning down a house is well worth the trouble if it will accomplish getting rid of termites in the walls.
Even though people may be trapped in that house..even though people will lose precious and irreplaceable things…even though some may end up homeless, their remaining assets and means to rebuild gone with the ashes.
What sort of world do we live in where we can be comfortable risking so very much based on “facts” that even experts debate amongst themselves over, in the face of an epidemic of mood disorders and mental illness whose origins are explained by mainly silence?

The notion of destroying an entire house to prevent the potential infestation of other homes by termites is taking it to an exaggerated hypothetical degree, I know.

Suggesting that the benefit of one outweighs the risk of allowing consequences from the other or snidely rebuking vaccination concerns by declaring these uncomfortable diseases as more harmful than

murders, rapes, theft, assaults, insults, dysfunctional family communication, broken marriages, lack of cohesion in shared work spaces, depression, paranoia, loss of independent living and/or thought..and endlessly onward..
is as unreasonable as it can get for us in our so-called ‘reasoning’..
and another example of this horrid creeping  degradation of our common senses that no one, still, has an answer for.

photo By Frog 974

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