For olfactory delights and comforts, there are unique blends to bewitch you in a typical bath and body lotions store.

For the eyes, we have many animated wallpapers, vivid screensavers and so on.

Now, the ears.

The part of the ears that have a secure feed straight into memories and mood at the same time.

Background sounds. Ambience. This is what this excellent site offers.


“Asmrion”=my favorite section (premium)

You can turn on the sounds of a light afternoon rain shower and layer it with a cat purring. You can crank up the din of a book shop crowd, change to a Parisian café and end up crunching through wet leaves on a sidewalk somewhere..anywhere.

While we’re fond of referring to music as the soundtrack of our days, I feel these subtle ambient joys hit a few sweet spots that songs, moving as they can be, can’t reach.

A favorite recipe of mine involves one part of a man magically whispering and another part of leaves blowing. Leaves that I imagine are being encouraged by a final addition- sounds of an ocean breeze. Thank goodness all sounds are adjustable. I can turn the ocean breeze down as much as I need to. I don’t need the “sensible” part of my brain nagging me and droning on about how dried leaves and oceans don’t usually keep each other company.

Pick and play your sounds right and you may get the pleasure of finessing a fond and long buried memory back up to the surface-with more texture and emotion than standard recall.

I hope you visit soon.
And if you run across an update down the road that features the sound of frying bacon with gospel records (Mahalia Jackson ) playing and a box fan humming, let me know. There’s a few happy Sunday morning memories from my childhood that I wouldn’t mind curling up next to.

photo By violeau

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