We the People Need to Grow the Hell Up


First, we can start by determining to not pass along  fairy tales about the start of this country.

We can introduce our children to the truth of earliest corporations setting up colonies like modern day franchises; the acts of stealing land and natives brutalized justified  in the name of profit. Not for “freedom” under any god’s “grace”.
A current read which I recommend for enlightening insight regarding “Big Business” and the founding of this country.

The book: We the Corporations

Personally, it’s helped quell that gnawing discomfort (anger) I feel as I watch Constitutional rights diminish under their increasing and unchallenged ‘rule’.

We, as women, need to face the cold truth that the greatest woman’s right “over her body” having been “won” is the right to kill her own children before they’re born.

It’s nothing to be proud of.. especially when we admit it was set into motion primarily to get rid of the “undesirables” in this country. It should affect us even more as we open our eyes and note the locations and for whom this “right” is easily accessed and encouraged.

What a shame it should feel to us when we’ve raised hell over the notion of individual men wanting to “dominate” our lives, yet remain strangely silent as  multiple federal agencies are  set into place to oversee every aspect of the lives I thought we expected to direct as we chose. As adult women.

We, as men, need to stop throwing tantrums over not being “chosen” or “respected” because “we did as women wanted” by turning into meek submissives.

Not when, even in nature, amongst the “lower life forms”  patterns of the strong and actionable male are repeated countless times to the result of mating and survival privileges. Especially not when we’ve proven time and again that we’re capable of “acting right” and EXPECTED to when we’re enlisted or forced into military service.

We, as minorities, need to cease dredging up past “sins” of the “white man”. When countless white abolitionists started, invested heavily in and were murdered for the pursuit of justice for other human beings. Never mind how unsane it sounds when we praise on high the civil rights actions of decades ago- even as our children are being groomed to angrily protest and cry over “rights yet to be given”..as if none of the institutionalized racism was legislated away. As if nothing was accomplished by the events we celebrate and claim to be so proud about.

We, as whites need to do away with this pathetic habit of nervous apologizing for imagined and hypothetical “crimes” . Especially when thousands more family histories tell the tales of their forefathers’ blistered hands and broken backs as white indentured servants. When there are more descendants of disillusioned white skinned immigrants  who were treated like undesired low lives than there are who can claim to be heirs to any formerly prosperous plantations.

There aren’t enough hours in this day to fully illustrate  each thing we have failed at and continue charging through blindly. Things that simple common sense and a willingness to mature would reduce drastically.

Even if we understand a good portion of our problems will never be resolved.

However, I will close by addressing a fast looming and largely ignored threat. Something that should behoove us to lay the jump rope handles down so that we may grow the hell up..quickly.

It is by whom and how the children (the ones we struggle to give birth to) will be raised.
It is about each and every family who has been confused and manipulated into reporting on the state of our babies, running in droves to “experts who have our best interests at heart”; further betraying our tender dears by allowing admitted “experiments” with medicines on their developing brains. A most disgraceful fact when we are a nation that wrinkles so much nose and lifts so much brow merely over the units of fat we shove into our mouths.
Being instructed to Diagnose
Home Visits

Very much like the “concern for our national security” has resulted in humiliating and rights abolishing legislation, we can not be caught off guard again by this overwhelming “concern” for our mental health as we find multiple people injected into our private lives telling us what to do. Whether we think we’re functioning ” very well thank you” or not.
As we should know by now, when Mama and Papa lay down new group specific laws, what starts as talk of ” helpful” considerations always turns into” punishable by law” mandates. As if we are weak and helpless children; worse still as our masters continue to stress how “mentally ill” and “incompetent” we are fast becoming.

We don’t need any more protests, yelling our guts out into the streets, holding our signs up like children displaying our angry art. Not when we, as adults, decide to admit it’s usually for nothing but more aggravation for an already raw and confused society.
Neither do we need to plan on grand or “heroic” revolutions. Not when we, as adults, admit how easily we and our children can be and are killed courtesy of the shameless and legal powers our masters hold in order to do so.


Citizen killed without Trial
Citizen killed holding her Baby
Citizens killed ..children included

It is and should only be children excused for their fantasies of fighting dragons with rubber swords.
It is and should only be children excused for embarassing lapses of accountability. Or to be the ones to nervously giggle and look over to their pals for approval to act or permission for what they should think and say.
Not grown adults.

It’s long passed time we stopped “acting cute” – somehow finding value in the attentions of being seen as “helpless” and neglecting the very last thing that can afford to be neglected-our individual lives under the roofs with the families we supposedly care so deeply for.

And we damned well know it.

photo By andriano_cz

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