Speaking of Plagiarism..

.. I’m inspired to share the original speech from Archibald Carey’s 1952 GOP speech from which Martin Luther King plagiarized for his more famous “I have a dream” speech.

I’m not going to say “borrowed from” or “was inspired heavily by”.

In my search for a decent quality recording I ran into one site after another using plenty of these soft touch distortions. The one I chose to post was the most ‘innocent’- as can be seen by the “amazingly similar” comment.
The man (Martin) stole  sections from/for the speech just as was his practice throughout his life.

This includes his doctoral dissertation- Boston University.

One can make all of the excuses in the world for one incident that can be spun in any number of ways. It’s difficult to ignore that this was repeated on several occasions, unchallenged and at different times.

I’m inspired by my concern for my youngest child and his peers. I’m concerned that their standards for what truly good and exceptional men and women should be will be even more diluted and polluted than my own generation’s anorexic ones.

I want my son to expect certain things for himself. They certainly don’t include creeping mediocrity or confused thinking through the systematic worship of hypocritical heroes.
I want him to know he can be a better man than any of the characters of any of the fables we’ve insisted upon.

If the best we can do is idol worship a preacher who sleeps with other men’s wives, obviously cheating on his own wife, and blatantly steals entire sections of  work by others to claim for his own glory..I’m sorry, that’s helping to teach my child that no higher standards can exist. It’s teaching him that the road to success as a righteous man is a dirty and washed out mess.
It’s teaching him that deceit and low down behaviors are “okay if you’re on the right team”.

One thing that will never change, no matter how we whitewash and switch up our expectations, is how hated and despised the average liar and thief is regarded amongst the general population. Most of them do not end up as honored celebrities.
My child deserves a better life than that. They all do.

photo By barbulat

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