Fools’ Theater of Distraction

Never mind that it was an alleged act committed at an age most admit to being and thinking as different people altogether-not even as full fledged adults….
And never mind that we have had at least two presidents (obviously, the highest visible office in the land) accused of sexual abuses, with Americans having no problems what-so-ever remaining on their knees to them in ongoing worship…
Never mind all of that.
It is the words within this highlighted section from this L.A. Times article

that heat up the hackles.

“…...The accuser’s husband, Russell Ford, said his wife had mentioned Kavanaugh’s name around the time of the therapy, noting that he was a federal judge and even expressing her fears that he could someday be nominated to the high court….”

This alleged victim voicing concern over Kavanaugh being in a position of power “someday…in a high court” when, in fact, he WAS in a position of power as a FEDERAL JUDGE who ALREADY wielded influence over many is..
-either a blatant reflection of her own set of cherry picked beliefs on the type of people “who don’t and do deserve “protection” from a sexual predator.
-or a pathetic indication that new material is sorely needed for the “script” of yet another “11th hour accusation” that we’re all set to cheer or to boo in an almighty Fools’ Theater of Distraction…

because it makes no damned sense what-so-ever.

There are untold numbers of women and men who have had their lives destroyed, their repeated cries for justice ignored after suffering actual and unconscionable horrors.

That’s where our energies should be spent.

Not on some puppet show foolishness over which bad guy gets his turn at the wheel by wresting control out of the other bad guy’s hands.
Especially when we have NOTHING to do with the entire production..aside from being lifelong laborers  doing the work  for their lifetime of pay.

feature photo By darren whittingham

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