The Romanovs and The Titanic.

There were two historical tragedies that touched me deeply as a youngster-

The Romanovs and The Titanic.

Both of them reemerged in popular media recently-one in  Call of Duty’s Black Op 4 video game and one as an Amazon Prime Original series.
I was very pleased with Call of Duty’s “Desperate Voyage” where our beloved Titanic makes her show stopping appearance.

(I find it worth mentioning that I choose not to think of the zombies as the deceased passengers. I’d prefer to let them rest in my imagination’s memory in a more honored and undisturbed manner.)

The game itself is absolutely stunning as far as graphics are concerned and there’s a joyful amount of challenge to keep even me busy for hours.

( I can not give enough thanks  for the option to reduce the amount of graphic gore that’s usually associated ..which, I give as warning, will be seen in the following trailer)






The “Romanovs” show? Well..
It was like bringing what seems to be a piece of Black Forest torte to your lips, biting down and finding icing instead of whipped cream.
That’s all I’ll say on that at this time.

There are more episodes on their way so opinions may change.

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