It Never Ends Well

I just endured watching a news commentator exchange bla- bla- blas with a guest on TV.
In the light of two killing spree disasters, they were discussing the “need” for us to watch out for one another while paying attention to our neighbors and “strange” habits.
While I’m aware that they’re adults simply doing their job by helping to keep the appropriate propaganda flowing, I couldn’t help but imagine some outrageous scenario.
I imagined a group of chimps gathered in front of their handlers. The handlers having called them in for an emergency  meeting.
(Yes, this is obviously an experimental bit of oddball fiction.)
They warn the chimps to be on the look out for other chimps who have extraordinarily hairy backsides.

Let’s say because hairier derrieres have been causing huge amounts of trouble- due to a mutation found in hair follicles, or whatever hirsute some-such-ness.
The chimps, after hearing this news, get worked into varied states of alarm.
I’ll save you a drawn out description of everything done before the final scene.

It never ends up well when citizens are instructed to interpret the actions of individual people. We use things like witch hunts and public shaming to ferret out and punish people as it is.

We barely know ourselves to keep our own acts together..never mind other people we barely know.

The final scene?
A bunch of screaming and hysterical chimps jumping up and down on the dead bodies of the innocent chimps they beat to death.
Chimpanzees, “on the lookout for the clan’s safety”, who have zero education on what amount of hair can be considered “extraordinary”.
Chimpanzees who either can’t measure, or refuse to admit to, the carpeted haunches of their own backsides… turning into the very kinds of threat to others that they wanted to protect themselves from.

Chimpanzees so hysterically self absorbed that barely any of them bother looking up to notice that their own handlers  and leaders sport much more hair than many of the deadest of the dead.

I offer these articles as a reminder of how ignorant we have always been when instructed on how to think and when it came to turning in other human beings in the name of protecting the herd.

photo By Aaron Amat

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