A Great Man, But Greater Forces

Once upon a time, Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the entire world.
Even he was humiliated and disappointed when he devoted his life  to eliminating war.
It’s said his depression remained a constant companion until the end because of this; helpless and forced to submit to a world full of lies. Made from lies. Dependent on lies.

We’re not as great in power nor in position as he was.
But his so-called power and disrespected position weren’t enough to end what are basically age old diseases of mankind-
Greed and Ignorance.

Greed motivating evil to do as it wishes.

Ignorance being the unfortunate state we work under as a species..when we help it do as it wishes.

His story testifies greatly to the staying power of certain entities-on how they are here to stay and do not care who or what gets hurt in order to remain staying.
It should  also have something to say about what deserves our truest attentions and efforts in the meantime. So our energies are not wasted on trying to end things which will never cease to exist but can be better invested into the  making of each other’s lives as comfortable and safe as possible.
Not by treating people like property or forcing hundreds of individuals into one mind set against their will and comfort…
but by learning for ourselves, and teaching our children, little things like holding no men in higher esteem above ourselves and the ones we love.
A simple enough start.. one would like to believe anyway.

I provided a link to a favorite documentary concerning Andrew Carnegie if one’s interested in learning what set him aside from most of “Them”.
Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace
Link: http://a.co/d/aKX4Ymy

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