“Merci”.. Kind Sister

THIS is what it means “to remember”; this beautifully tended Meuse-Argonne Cemetery ..in another country, France.

It’s where over 14,000 of our American WW1 soldiers rest after losing their lives in one of the most horrifying ends a human being can meet.
The fact that we, as the American descendants, do not visit as we should, should shame us terribly.
Especially when we parrot unkind opinions of the French to one another (impressing no one) in water cooler “discussions”. When we find ourselves engaged in childish boasting, inflating our chests and heads over “who did what for whom” in a war that most of us know nothing about and should keep our ignorant opinions to ourselves over.

Despite this reminder of what hypocrites too many of us truly are, I am touched to share this enduring example of The Human Intention in one of its better lights.
I’m proud to see that The Human Potential  is honored so beautifully by our Brothers and Sisters so far away-as they continue caring for our sons and fathers as if they were their very own.

Merci, kind Sister..my gratefulness remains eternal.


Romagne 1914-1918 Museum video

cemetery photo  from


feature photo By mbruxelle

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